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January 25, 2012 / Anne-Marie et Genevieve

The Birthday Cake Nightmare!

This was our first blog a year ago and since we started having some english followers we thought we should post this one again but in an english version. Ceci est une reprise de notre premier blogue. Puisque nous avons maintenant des demandes pour des blogues en anglais nous avons pensé traduire nos premiers écrits pour le plaisir de tous, tout en continuant, naturellement, nos blogs en français !

Did you ever ask yourself why does my child becomes suddenly agitated; has sudden or unusual behaviors after eating or drinking certain things? Or why does my sweet kid becomes suddenly this little monster that hits me and holds on to my clothes, almost ripping them, for no apparent reason? Have you ever gotten comments from your child’s educators or teachers about interaction difficulties or about spontaneous crying or biting behaviors?

Most parents will feel, at some point or another, overwhelmed by their child’s inadequate behaviors. They might come to question their parenting abilities (am I a good mom/dad if my kid acts this way?), or even avoid certain situations (parks, birthday parties) by fear of dealing with a tantrum or some inappropriate outburst from their kid.

Well, all this has been our stories; hopefully we have learned tricks to make our lives and our kids’ lives much more easy! So through this blog we will share with you our acquired knowledge, through trials and errors, of the impacts of food on behaviors. Finally, we invite you to share your own experiences with us. With all this said, welcome to our blog!


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